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199 Years ago today a man was born who would go on to publish a book that would change forever our understanding of life. What’s more Charles Robert Darwin’s description of evolution by natural selection finally offered a testable scientific explanation for the diversity of life other than a sky fairy puffed it into existence. International Darwin Day is a global celebration of the enormous benefits scientific knowledge has given humanity and recognises that despite our diversity we all have a common origin. Unfortunately some people couldn’t make the party as they are too busy screwing with kids minds by teaching the creation myth in science classes. So my small contribution to this auspicious day is a documentary called Creationists in the Classroom which I filmed last summer as part of my Masters in Science Broadcast Journalism.

For the film I travelled the length of Britain with a camera meeting both Christian and and Muslim creationists from three organisations called Truth in Science, Harun Yahya, and The Emmanuel Schools Foundation. As we approach Darwin’s bicentenary the fact that these people still take the Bible literally only proves that for some all the scientific evidence in the World will never be enough.


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Welcome to my Guerrilla Science blog. As you can see the site is still under construction but once up and running will feature reviews of science papers that rock my (and everyone elses) world. There will also be reports from the front-line in the ongoing war on reason led by religion and clueless politicians. Stay tuned.

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